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Ian Williams - new single - Chronopolis

In order to facilitate the rebellion of the wage slaves, Ian Williams is doing his bit by releasing a single, Chronopolis, which is accompanied by a stunning video shot on location in the heart of the beast, Canary Wharf. Taking its title from a J.G. Ballard short story, it is an edited version of a track from his current album, ‘Slow-Motion Apocalypse’, highlighting the clock-watching and surveillance of the workforce (facial recognition, keystroke logging and anything else they can think of) that makes the vast multinational corporations untaxed billions, leaving crumbs that the average worker is supposed to feel grateful for.

The epic soundtrack to this scenario perfectly encapsulates the colossal architecture and human hive of activity, with hyperactive sequencer lines agitating under soaring lead synths as towering piano chords and immense drumbeats propel the whole machine along.

"'Chronopolis' is five minutes in the key of epic, so much so, even Vangelis might have thought it a bit over the top." Electronic Sound, November 2023.


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