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New video: Ian Williams - URA 235

Taken from the soundtrack album for 'Les Blessures Invisibles (Invisible Wounds)', a documentary by Eric Michel, which looks at the Gabonese town of Mounana, previously the site of a uranium mine which was the biggest supplier to the French nuclear industry, and the effect on the town of the mine closing down in 1999.

The album includes all the music which features in the film as well as material that was composed for it but ended up on the digital cutting-room floor. URA 235 was the name of the works football team at the mine, and is also the name for the type of uranium that was mined there. Since the mine closed, the team carries on under the name Académie Sport de Mounana.

The video is made of footage which mostly does not appear in the final cut of the film, but these are the sequences the music was originally composed for, so we've made an edit especially for it. Many thanks to Eric Michel, cameraman Frédéric Mainçon, Académie Sport de Mounana, and all those who appeared in the film.


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