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Reggae singer/songwriter, Crucial Whynicotics, releases his debut long-player, Crown Of Lamentations, with a 9 track album of roots reggae, following on from 2014’s Forward E.P. 

The album is a mixture of roots and culture bumping up against rub a dub and dancehall musical themes, live instruments mixing freely with electronics, rounded off with a mellow vocal and sweet harmonies to express the universal culture and unity of Rastafari. 

The lyrical content ranges from how we treat our brothers and sisters to the weather forecast in the winter, to an acknowledgement of His Imperial Majesty. 

Crucial Whynicotics says let’s gather together and start living with love, and to all the freedom fighters who are going through all the gritty of bad experience, never give up the struggle, with the Most High as your defender. Peace and love, truths and rights.

Crucial Whynicotics - Crown Of Lamentations - CD album

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