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Cloud Horses 12" Descent, now on Bandcamp...

After the last Beautiful Pea Green Boat single, 'Every Night With You I Die A Little', the band decided to carry on under the name Cloud Horses, as they had been working on an album with a more commercial pop sound; Descent became the first release under the new name, comprising two vocal versions and more experimental remixes. And until now, the only release. Another remix also featured on the compilation CD, 'Sea Of Tranquillity', which, along with the five tracks from the original 12", has been re-mastered and included here. The single, with its sub-titles inspired by Hemingway's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' was released in 1993. Will the album ever come out? Well, it needs a lot of work, but never say never... There are a few copies of the 12" left, so drop us a line if you want one before they disappear forever... Cloud Horses were Ian Williams and Juley Smith.


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