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New video: Ian Williams - "C’est pas d’aujourd'hui ces montagnes" ("As old as the mountains")

This is the second video taken from the soundtrack album for 'Les Blessures Invisibles (Invisible Wounds)', a documentary by Eric Michel, which looks at the Gabonese town of Mounana, previously the site of a uranium mine which was the biggest supplier to the French nuclear industry, and the effect on the town of the mine closing down in 1999.

The title comes from a quote in the film which references the ancient landscape, with its mountains and forests which have survived the intervention of the mining companies and reverted to wilderness since their departure.

The video for "C’est pas d’aujourd'hui ces montagnes" ("As old as the mountains") is primarily composed of 8mm cine films taken by the white settlers at the beginning of the mining process, charting the transition from idyllic innocence, through industrial exploitation, to the abandonment by and departure of the French mining corporations.


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